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Alignment Service
Research indicates that the average car is driven about 12,000 miles per year. A car with toe alignment just 0.34 degrees (just 0.17 inches) out of specifications has dragged its tires sideways for over 68 miles by the end of the year!

Symptoms of a car that's out of alignment:

• Excessive or uneven tire wear
• Steering wheel pulls to the left or right
• Feeling of looseness or wandering
• Steering wheel vibration or shimmy
• Steering wheel is not centered when car is moving straight ahead

Benefits of a car that's properly aligned:

Reduced Tire Wear
Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear. Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tire life.

Better Gas Mileage
Gas mileage increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheels parallel which, along with proper inflation, minimizes rolling resistance.

Improved Handling
Does your car pull to one side, does the steering wheel vibrate, do you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep your car traveling straight ahead? Many handling problems can be corrected by total alignment. With all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride.

Safer Driving
A suspension system inspection is part of our alignment procedure. This allows us to spot worn parts before they cause costly problems.

Kwik Kar recommends an alignment service any time the symptoms described above occur.

Kwik Kar's
20 Point Service

Kwik Kar's Signature Service is a must for your vehicle's regular maintenance. It's not just an oil change. It's a preventative maintenance program designed to maintain the safety and extend the life of your vehicle. 

Kwik Kar's Signature Service is recommended every 3000 miles or 3 months.  Learn more»